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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sysco focuses our Corporate Responsibility efforts in three areas of our business where we believe we can create the greatest impact:


Charitable Giving

Our Goal: Champion organizations that work to eliminate hunger and make healthy food available where it’s needed.

14-year national partnership with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign


Currently working with our Sysco operating companies on a two-year plan to focus 75% of Sysco’s giving on hunger relief in the communities where we live and work

Sysco partners with Spoiler Alert, a Boston-based software company, to help manage our unsold inventory. Spoiler Alert offers an enterprise web platform that allows leading food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to get a better handle on their food recovery and waste diversion efforts, as well as an online, controlled marketplace that facilitates real-time food donations, discounted sales, or organic byproduct redistributions.


Spoiler Alert provides data to optimize the flow of unsold inventory to new and existing outlets, enabling the promotion of key environmental, social, and financial metrics to increase engagement of key stakeholders.


Integrated Pest Management

Sysco Brand suppliers of frozen and canned fruit, vegetables and potatoes participate. This program encourages:


  • Prudent use of agricultural inputs like pesticides, fertilizer water and energy


  • Recycling and protection of pollinators


  • Covers 50 crops for more than 70 Sysco Brand suppliers
  • 15 billion gallons of water conserved
  • 19 million pounds of fertilizer avoided
  • 3 million tons reused or recycled

Sustainable Seafood

As one of the largest purchasers of seafood in North America, we believe it is important to work with our suppliers to increase the availability of sustainable seafood in the supply chain

Our Commitment

By 2015, goal of sourcing 100% of top 10 Sysco brand, wild-caught seafood species from sources that are:

  • Certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
  • In the MSC Full Assessment process
  • Engaged in a comprehensive fishery improvement project (FIP)


Goal of educating non-ISSA members about the initiative and encouraging

them to join.

Our Progress

89% by volume of our top 10 wildcaught Sysco brand seafood species met our commitment


10 of our top 12 Sysco Brand wildcaught species met our plan commitments


100% of Portico brand cod, pollock, cold water lobster, haddock, salmon, scallops, flounder and halibut now come from MSC-certified fisheries


100% of Sysco Brand canned/pouched tuna suppliers became members of ISSA

Progress at the End of 2015

Top 12 Sysco Brand Wild-Caught Species






Maintain our recent success on the top 10 wild-caught Sysco brand species and expand this work into the top 15 Sysco brand wildcaught species

Aim to source top five farmed Sysco brand species (shrimp, salmon, pangasius, catfish and tilapia) from sustainable sources(1)

Continue work to move tuna sources forward in sustainability (MSC, FA, FIP or ISSF/ISSA)

Map seafood supply chain; Join WWF’s Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability – aims to prevent IUU fishing products from entering US supply chains

We have extended our partnership with WWF through 2020

(1) from farms that are either certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), in ASC full assessment, in aquaculture improvement projects leading to ASC certification, and/or certified to a minimum two star rating on the Best Aquaculture Practices standards as defined by the Global Aquaculture Alliance

Code of Conduct Audits

Sysco's Supplier Code of Conduct contains the legal, moral and ethical standards we expect of suppliers, including the protection of human rights


We conduct assessments of Sysco Brand suppliers in high-risk Latin American and Asian countries to identify potential risks relating to wages, working hours, discrimination, worker safety, living conditions, and child and forced labor


These assessments include interviews with management and employees, as well as site visits


Unless a supplier receives a perfect score, assessments are repeated every 12 months


To help suppliers improve their performance, we work with those who do not achieve perfect scores to develop improvement plans, then conduct follow-up assessments to ensure that plans have been implemented


If a critical violation of our standards is discovered, we terminate the relationship

Animal Welfare

We are committed to supplying the highest quality meat and animal products while ensuring animal welfare from the ranch or farm to harvest.

Suppliers complete ongoing self assessments


Third-party, unannounced, annual animal welfare audits


Sysco QA audits conducted by associates accredited by the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization

More than 200 Sysco-led and third-party audits

Our Three-Pronged Approach:

100% pass rate


All Broadline and FreshPoint locations source local products. We provide training and advice to local producers to integrate local goods into our supply chain.

Local suppliers must meet the same high food safety standards. Sysco helps small producers to meet these standards by:


Partnering with the Produce Marketing Association to deliver 18 Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) workshops since 2011 to educate more than 900 small farmers


Working with universities and local extension offices to help small local growers obtain reduced rates for GAP audits


Connecting small family farms with processors and support organizations that can help them obtain appropriate insurance

Innovation leads the way with local food programs, best practices and new technology.


From farm to customer, new software tracks local purchases


Established the Local Foods Advisory Committee to enhance our local food strategy


Energy Management

Our energy management program has helped us achieve a nearly 40% reduction in energy intensity of our warehouses since 2006.

Energy Use (kWh in millions)

Warehouse Volume (1,000 ft3)







Since FY06, we have reduced energy use by


We achieved the 40% reduction, despite a 29% increase in warehouse volume



In 2014, Sysco implemented a comprehensive recycling program and a national “Green Team.” Through the end of 2015, we saved:

250,000 trees

100 million gallons of water

6.7 million gallons of oil

59 million kilowatt hours

44,000 cubic yards of landfill space

Tons of waste were recycled through the end of 2015 saving about


Recycling tonnage increased 30% since the inception of our comprehensive program


Moving Product

We are making a positive environmental impact by improving our freight efficiency.


Our fleet includes 180 low-emission liquefied natural gas trucks


Sysco annually moves more than 1,900 boxcars and strives to use providers certified by the EPA’s SmartWay program


Our facilities with enhanced routing technology have reduced mileage up to 5%


Corporate HQ buildings

  • LEED Gold Certified
  • American Heart Association “Fit-Friendly” workplace


SBS (Cypress, TX)

  • Computer controlled A/C
  • Heat reflective roof
  • Automatic light sensors
  • New water system reduced consumption by 1/3
  • Energy saving actions reduced consumption by 20%

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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